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11/27/13 - Brand new Sherri set available at
Gallery 167 from Sherri features her in some skimpy lingerie, but some of you may be into that sort of thing. ;) You also might be into some stocking feet, which Sherri displays with all her gusto and charm. Topped off with some bright red lipstick and some playful posing on her bed, and you've got the makings of a very entertaining set from the non-nude queen herself! Check out for this and more sets - treat yourself this holiday season to a membership!


104 total photos this week, 1733x2600 in size, and available for immediate download.




5/16/13 - Cassie from
Back in the early 2000's, I had the pleasure of contacting a photographer named Harley, who worked with several models, including Brittany English and Marissa St. Croix. We chatted frequently when he was between websites, and we drifted apart whenever he became too busy with a new venture. Sadly, Harley passed away a few years ago, and I always felt bad I never got to say goodbye. However, whoever inherited his photo archives has created a website that allows his legacy to live on! Embarrassingly, I haven't joined yet, but I do see that they feature Cassie, who did a custom set for me about six years ago - some of which I'm sharing with you now. Check out these examples to see the quality of work Harley did, and consider joining his archive site. They offer trial memberships of 2 days for $4.99! If you join, let me know how it goes!




5/14/13 - This past week at Daily Star
This last week brought Daily Star members some lovely outdoor galleries. Thais showed off her dazzling smile in front of a building, while Juliana, Geisa, and July spend some time at the beach with some sun, sand, and swimsuits. Meanwhile, Britney and Tanya wrapped up the weekend with a pair of awesome videos. And it doesn't stop there! With a new update every day, you can't go wrong with the Daily Star site!


5 photo sets and 2 videos each week (once a day), 2000x3000 in size, and available for immediate download.



5/3/13 - Sugar from
The Tinymodel and Newstar sites have been going on strong for years now, bringing us models that sometimes last a few months, to models that have been around for years. Sugar is one of the fresher faces that may not have a huge portfolio, but she still models like a veteran. She's the second "Sugar" at the site, so if you join, you'll have plenty of galleries to go through while you're there, and the current Sugar will definitely dazzle you with her piercing eyes.




5/2/13 - Alice & Violette from and
The "Silver" websites have a variety of models - it's almost overwhelming! But two that really grab my attention are Alice and Violette, and they both have large portfolios available at BOTH and There's no monthly membership to worry about... you just buy the sets you want. Large photo files and amazing personalities give you a solid bang for your buck! Visit their their forum for more sample photos and information!



5/2/13 - Various Models from Daily Star
Need a little variety in your life? Check out the Daily Star models, from the "We Are Little Stars" and "People Image" brands. You get a brand new gallery each weekday, with video updates on the weekend, showcasing some fresh faces and dazzling personalities that you won't see anywhere else. Old sets are rotated out to make room for new sets, so being a regular member is recommended, but you certainly won't regret it!




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